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Celebration of Life Virtual Service


Woodlands Hospice Celebration of Life services are held periodically within the hospice. It is a time for us to invite loved ones in to honour those that we have cared for, either at the hospice or within our community, that have sadly died. It serves as a reminder to those closest to them that they are forever in our thoughts and we are still here to support them, at whatever stage they are at in their grief.

Sadly, our Celebration of Life services have been impacted, as many things have been, by the Covid-19 pandemic. After cancelling our March 2020 service due to the pandemic outbreak, we've unfortunately not been able to invite families and loved ones in to hold another service since. Therefore our Patient and Family Services Team will hold a virtual service for those who have lost a loved one under Woodlands Hospice care between June 2019 and March 2021.

We hope you enjoy our virtual service, honouring those that you love. Thank you.


Further details of our Patient and Family Services Team and how they can support you can be found here.