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Cash donations

Cash donations

Cash donations are always welcome. You can bring these into the Hospice Reception from 9am to 8pm and you will receive a receipt. Cash can be brought in as it is, or you may want to collect it in our envelopes or collection boxes:

General Donation Envelopes

If you wish to make a general donation to the Hospice we have general donation envelopes that we can supply to you. These envelopes enable us to claim an additional 25% gift aid on each donation (if applicable), and also allow us to thank everyone for their donation personally.

The envelopes can be used for cash (or cheque with cheques being made payable to Woodlands Hospice). If you are holding a fundraising event you may like to put our donation envelopes on the tables at your event.

Home Collection Boxes

Our Home Collection Boxes are the perfect way to collect your loose change and support our work.

If you’d like to help by collecting your loose change at home, just email anne.harley@aintree.nhs.uk or call 0151 529 2968 to receive one of our collection boxes.

Whether it sits on your phone table, desk or kitchen windowsill, you can use it to collect your change to help fund our work.

Thank you – every penny really does make a difference!