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About Gift Aid

Gift Aid is the government scheme which allows charities, including Woodlands Hospice, to reclaim the basic rate tax you have already paid on any donation. All you have to do is complete a declaration saying that you pay enough tax to cover what the charity will reclaim from HM Revenue& Customs.

  • For all taxpayers, donations gain an extra 25p for every £1 donated, at no extra cost to you
  • Higher rate taxpayers can in addition claim back up to a further 37.5p for each pound donated, which they can keep or pass on to charity.

But how can Woodlands Hospice reclaim 25% when the basic rate of tax is currently 20%?

The Gift Aid reclaimed is calculated as 20% of the 'gross amount' of the donation i.e. the value of the amount before you paid tax on it.

So a net donation of £1 from you becomes a gross donation of £1.25 after the Gift Aid.

You can sign up to Gift Aid at any time, even if it's for donations you have made in the past. Please download a Gift Aid Form here, complete it and post it to us. 

Please contact Anne on 0151 529 2968 or email anne.harley@aintree.nhs.uk with any queries or to request a Gift Aid form to be posted to you.

Also, don't forget: if your tax situation changes, please let us know!