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The importance of making a Will

According to recent surveys, it is believed around 60% of us have not made a Will. Making a Will can be a relatively easy process and will help to avoid additional stress for your loved ones during difficult times.

A Will can provide you and your loved ones with a feeling of security, as well will bringing you peace of mind, knowing your affairs are in order.

Woodlands has the support of local practices throughout the year to assist you in making your Will, or update an existing Will in return for making a donation to Woodlands Hospice.

Click here to find out more about making or updating a Will with Woodlands Hospice

Remember us in your Will: make a lasting difference

At Woodlands we are extremely proud of the wonderful comments and feedback we receive from patients and their families, who appreciate the work we do in supporting them during their time with us.

As a result, many people connected with the hospice often choose to reflect this by leaving us a gift in their Will, in the knowledge that they are helping us to continue our specialist care, by contributing to our challenging fundraising targets.

Whilst we cannot give direct advice to patients and their families, we do have access to further information, as well as Law Society lists of local solicitors and will writers. For further information please contact Carole Riley via email or on 0151 529 4143.