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Supportive Living Programme

The Supportive Living Programme was designed and developed to provide an inclusive educational/­supportive forum for patients with life limiting illness, with malignant or non-malignant disease.

The aim of this 10 week programme is to enable patients to live their life to its full potential for as long as possible. The programme can be accessed by patients referred to the Wellbeing and Support Centre following assessment by the clinical team.

Patients attending this group enjoy the topics discussed as well as the relationship they have with the clinical team members. The patients in the group also give each other support and friendship as hopes, fears, concerns,­anxieties, and experiences are shared. Advice and coping mechanisms to help people to manage their illness are a focus. The weekly attendance also enables patients to be reviewed by other members of the clinical team as needed e.­g.­Physi­ot­he­rapist. Patients can join the programme at any point and can choose to attend whichever sessions they prefer.

The topics discussed are:  Symptom management including pain control, Managing your medication, Nutrition, Complementary therapies, Body image/­sexuality, Fatigue, Stress/Anxiety, Spirituality, How it feels - supporting family and friends and Information.

On completion of the Supportive Living Programme most patients choose to attend the Living Support Group.