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50 words for Woodlands

Woodlands Hospice receives many kind messages and words of praise about the standard of care and services that we strive to deliver.

50 Words for Woodlands Fundraising Cards

Our Fundraising Team have captured some of the many wonderful words that people associate with our Hospice and are delighted to be promoting the new campaign - 50 Words for Woodlands Hospice.

This is a lovely way to help us in our fund raising efforts and also a fun way of winning £30!

It is quite simple to play - The 50 chosen words have been compiled together onto a word card and people who wish to play can pay £2 to "buy a word". One of these words will be under a hidden seal at the top of the card and, once all of the words have been sold, the seal is then opened to reveal the winner! 

If you could help to sell our word cards to friends, family and work colleagues we would love to hear from you. It may just be one card or it could be many more but either way your support would be greatly valued.

Please contact Kay Frame on 0151 529 8193,  or Christine Peach on 0151 529 8117 if you can help to sell our word cards .