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A Gin to Win

Woodlands Gin 

Woodlands Hospice has had many gifts and prizes donated over the years for various raffles, events and auctions. Many of these prizes are donated out of the goodness of people’s hearts, but in many instances, their can be a special meaning behind the donation.

One example of this is a recent donation from Patricia Giles, better known as Trish. Trish is the owner of Liverpool Liqueuers a small, artisan Gin Company based in Southport and also formerly owned Formby Gin.

Trish has kindly donated 6 bottles of her specialist Gin to Woodlands Hospice’s supporter and patron, Alison Perry, who has organised an online silent auction to raise money for the hospice in lieu of her annual Charity Ball which she usually hosts each year.

However, each bottle of Gin has more to it than meets the eye. Trish explains why each bottle means so much,

“My journey began 12 years ago when my mum was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  The impact of that diagnosis, and the fact that my grandmother had died at 47 from breast cancer meant my chances were very high of getting one of them, which led me to a huge decision. Based on the expert advice of doctors, I had operations to remove both of my ovaries (a bilateral oophorectomy) and a double mastectomy. My sister Anne Marie has also struggled with the same battle and has also had preventative surgery for ovarian cancer.”  

“Unfortunately I lost my mum after a long battle, she died 8 years after her diagnosis. We spent a lot of years back and forward to Aintree Hospital but it was in her last few weeks that we met a lady from Woodlands Hospice. This special lady used to come and sit with my mum and us as family, she was so gentle and kind. I’m so sorry I can’t remember her name as it was such a heart-breaking time that I don’t remember much apart from her kindness and reassurance that everything would be ok.

(L-R) Trish with her Mum and sister Anne Marie   

My mum never entered Woodlands Hospice as the word ‘hospice’ frightened her but every day that lady visited my mum in the Sefton suite and became a massive comfort to me. I’ve known quite a few people who have since received care or support at Woodlands Hospice and they have spoke about how absolutely wonderful all the staff are and how they are forever grateful for the kindness and support they receive  in their hardest times.”

Trish therefore decided to donate 6 bottles of 40% Gin in 6 different flavours. Three from her original range including orange and honey, original lavender profile, grapefruit and hibiscus flowers. There are also three bottles from her speciality range, including a Woodlands Hospice branded gin in melon and gooseberry flavour, a rhubarb gin for breast cancer awareness and last but by no means least, a jasmine flavoured gin for ovarian cancer awareness. Each bottle has had its own special artwork beautifully created by local artist, Sam Harris-Wright of Ounce studio.

The gin is currently listed as a prize in a silent auction hosted by long-time supporter and patron of Woodlands Hospice, Alison Perry. Alison usually hosts a Charity Ball in aid of Woodlands Hospice during the month of November. This year, this sadly could not take place in the usual way due to the Covid 19 pandemic, therefore Alison has organised an online silent auction to help raise vital funds for the hospice’s patients and services. She said,

“The annual ball for Woodlands Hospice is a highlight of our year so it is really sad that we can’t host it in the same way. As a patron of the hospice, I know how vital their work is to the community so I hope by hosting this silent auction we can still raise the amazing funds we achieve each year for the hospice. I’m delighted with the amazing range of prizes we have to offer throughout the auction, including the amazing range of Gins donated by Trish at Liverpool Liqueurs which have such an emotive back story.”

Trish added, “I hope whoever ever wins these gins enjoys them firstly because they are sensational!! And secondly, please  know that they were made with love and gratitude for all the staff and volunteers who help others in Woodlands Hospice. They truly are the wonderful people in this world helping others - I hope they raise a lot.”

To bid for the gin or for any other items within the silent auction, please visit: https://­www.­jumblebee.­co.­uk/­wood­land­shos­pi­ce­on­li­ne­auc­tion