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Musical Chairs at Woodlands Patient Exercise Group!

Exercise Group

Woodlands Hospice has a weekly exercise group for our day patients. The aims of the group are to improve or maintain muscle strength, endurance, balance and flexibility; to reduce fatigue and breathlessness; to reduce risk of falls; to maintain confidence in performing physical activities; and to support patients to achieve their functional goals. The class begins with a warm up followed by a circuit of seated or standing exercises and a Tai Chi/relaxation session.

Relaxation Session

Patients wind down at the end of their session with some relaxation techniques

The class is run by our Physi­ot­he­rapist, Dympna Jones and our Therapy Assistant Practitioner, Susan Clarkson and has been running for a few years. Participants have all been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness.

Recently, we have introduced a musical element to the group in the form of a personal group playlist where all patients are involved in sharing a song and a reason for its choice. This is played during the group and made available to take home.

Dympna explains the positive impact this has had on the group,

“We have found that the introduction of music to our class has resulted in a feeling of ownership and camaraderie amongst the group. The different musical choices’ have promoted discussion amongst our patients, from shared memories to spiritual needs of the present.”

“It’s really lovely to see each week and we’ve found this environment now provides more than just physical benefits. Patients find it a safe place which instils positivity and humour. They feel they can share feelings and coping strategies and gain support and strength from each other.”

We were thrilled to display a poster at the Hospice UK Conference at Liverpool’s ACC last week featuring the work our exercise group has been doing with music.

Hospice UK Posters

The three posters Woodlands Hospice displayed at the recent Hospice UK Conference

This was one of three posters we exhibited at the Conference. The second poster highlighted the comfort and sanctuary many patients and their families experience in our Quiet Room by sharing their thoughts and feelings through messages and the positive impact this has. The third poster featured how we use patient reported outcome measures to ensure our care is tailored to our patient's goals. It was a real honour to feature our work at the Conference and we hope they helped to inspire our fellow Hospice partners!