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Thank you for your first fivers!

Our Web and Publications Officer Sue donated her first new fiver to Woodlands Hospice, handing it to Sarah in the Fundraising Admin Office. Sue's friend Kathryn had also handed Sue her first new fiver to bring in to donate.

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far, we have raised £150 through your generosity, and are hoping to raise £500 soon. Can you help us!  Help us spread the word!

It all started when man sparked a social media frenzy after posting a unique use for the new polymer £5 notes - and people from all over Liverpool and further afield have joined in.

After the new ‘plastic fivers’ went into circulation, fundraiser John Thompson is encouraging people to donate the first one they receive to charity.

He posted on Twitter, using the #Givefive and #FirstFiver - and the campaign has gone viral.

We are happy to say that Woodland Hospice has been in your minds and we have received £150  in new five pound notes. We are hoping this will increase as the word spreads.

Will you donate the first new five pound note you get to a charity?

How it all began: