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Forget-me-not Campaign blooms for Woodlands Hospice

Woodlands Hospice's annual Forget-me-not campaign is underway to allow people to dedicate a flower to a loved one.  People can choose to dedicate the traditional metal garden blooms and plant a striking steel flower at home or go virtual via the online meadow option and help fill the online field with flowers.

FMN Parker Grandchildren

The proceeds of the Forget-me-not campaign support the work of the hospice which helps patients and their families living with life-limiting illnesses. People like Pat Parker who is supporting this years’ campaign alongside her grandchildren Scarlett (7), Lucas (6) and Amber (3). Pat and her family have experienced the care and support Woodlands Hospice has to offer after her husband, Allan’s 5-and-a-half year battle with Motor Neuron Disease.

Pat recalls from the first week of Allan’s diagnosis how Woodlands took them as a family under their wings never leaving their sides throughout that journey and beyond. Pat described their experience of support at Woodlands Hospice, saying:

"All the staff and volunteers were incredible. Allan and I made some wonderful friendships not only with the staff but also other patients. We can’t thank the hospice enough and can only describe them as a GIANT HUG of holistic support, love, care, compassion and friendship. They’re in our hearts forever.”

Allan sadly passed away in November 2019. Pat and her family are still able to receive care and bereavement support from the hospice’s Patient and Family Services Team.

Woodlands Hospice Individual Giving Manager Carole Riley, who organises the annual Forget-me-not campaign, said: “We’re delighted to be launching our Forget-me-not campaign for 2022. To see our gardens transform over the summer with each flower on display being a heartfelt dedication to someone special is lovely to witness. Equally, it is just as beautiful to watch our virtual meadow online fill with a beautiful blue haze of tributes, photos and heart-warming messages to loved ones who may be gone but are certainly not forgotten.”

Woodlands Hospice will host a collection weekend at the beginning of August (5th-7th) to allow all those who have chosen a metal flower, and wish to do so, to view them in the hospice gardens and collect their own to take home and keep. This will be based on it being safe and working within government guidelines and there will be an option for flowers to be posted for those who would prefer this.

Carole added, “Whether you dedicate a flower through a beautiful handcrafted flower or online in our virtual meadow, all the proceeds from your dedication help towards raising the £4,000 we need each day to continue supporting our patients and their families.”

Click here to dedicate either a virtual or steel Forget-me-not to a loved one.

Thank you for your support!

*UPDATE: Please note, we made an error in our initial promotion of our Forget-me-not campaign and accidentally gave Lucas (pictured above) a new name! We apologise for this wholeheartedly and have corrected our mistake in all possible forms of communication since being aware of our error.*