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Board of Trustee opportunities

Being a Trustee

Every charity has a Board of Trustees – a group of volunteers who ensure that the charity is effective in carrying out the purpose for which it was set. Trustees have respon­sibi­lities for overseeing the work of the charity, ensuring it is financially stable, well run, compliant and fulfilling of the charity objectives.

Woodlands Board of Trustees has a wide range of expertise and every Trustee is passionate about the care we provide to our patients and their families. Trustees of the charity are also Directors of the Company, legally responsible for the Woodlands Hospice Charitable Trust Limited.

Our Board of Trustees currently meet four times a year for two-hour evening meetings, as well as for one ‘Away Day’ each year. They also attend quarterly subcommittee meetings relating to their field of expertise and extraordinary meetings for unplanned matters that requires discussion or decision.

Ideally, the minimum term for a Trustee is three years, with a maximum of three terms (nine years).

What you do as a Trustee

  • Use your insight and experience to help us achieve our goals and ambitions
  • Contribute to strategic thinking and planning particularly regarding the future direction of the Hospice
  • Act in the best interests of the Hospice
  • Act as an ambassador for the charity
  • Attend all Board meeting and allocated designated sub committees plus other visits as required.
  • Work closely with the Chief Executive and Senior Managers

Skills and attributes required to be a Woodlands Hospice Trustee

  • Passionate about the work of the Hospice
  • Committed
  • Bring specific knowledge and experience
  • Can think strategically, critically and maintain confi­den­ti­ality