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Car parking at Woodlands Hospice

Woodlands Hospice has a private car park on-site, available at the rear of the Hospice for patients and visitors to park in free of charge.

Please be aware, as we are based on the Aintree University Hospital site, they have now introduced a number plate recognition system for parking within the grounds of the hospital and operate a ticketless pay-on-foot system. This means when you drive through one of their barriers, they pick up your car's registration number and will charge you for the length of time you're parked.

Patients and visitors to Woodlands Hospice are able to access our free car park by following the main road through the hospital site and then following the signage for Woodlands Hospice to avoid going through a barrier to Aintree Hospital's car park. If you have driven through a barrier whilst parking in our car park, you must give your car registration details in at the reception desk to avoid being charged.

Please note: Aintree Hospital Car Parks are free for the first 30 minutes, so if you do accidentally go through a barrier, or are likely to be staying for less than 30 minutes, you can still leave the car park without incurring a charge.

Important: If our onsite car park is full, and you're required to use Aintree Hospital's car park (for longer than 30 minutes), you will be expected to pay for this service - as has always been the case. To do so, you pay at one of their payment points before exiting the car park. Pay stations are located near the barriers.

For any further queries regarding this, please contact our Catering and Facilities Manager, Chris Duffy on 0151 529 83128.

Thank you!