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Hospice at Home

Woodlands Hospice has been commissioned by South Sefton CCG to run a Hospice at Home service for patients with a South Sefton GP.

Woodlands Hospice at Home service will work alongside existing primary care services to provide extra support for those patients nearing the end of life who wish to be cared for and die at home.

Criteria for referral to the service will be:

  • Patient has far advanced progressive, terminal illness with non-reversible deterioration.
  • Patient is on the Gold Standards Framework register.
  • District Nursing services are in place
  • There is evidence of a CHC funded care package in place or being sought
  • Patient and Carer's Preferred Place of Care is home.

There are three elements to the service:

1. Sitter service

Health Care Assistants (HCAs) provide support and care at home for patients and families, day or night. Specially trained they will work to the District Nurse Care Plan. Liaison between Hospice at Home Coordinators, District Nurses and Community Specialist Palliative Care Nurses is also then ongoing.

2. Crisis Intervention/­Prevention

In the event of a crisis which would otherwise result in admission to a hospice, hospital or other inpatient healthcare provider, a crisis intervention/­prevention visit may be requested by a healthcare professional caring for the patient.

The Hospice at Home Consultant Lead, or another member of the senior medical team, will liaise with the requesting healthcare professional to arrange a review within an appropriate timescale, and at the patient’s home if necessary; the reviewing doctor will make an assessment and provide appropriate care and/or interventions to enable the patient to be cared for at home.

Upon completion of the crisis intervention the patient’s care will be handed back to the appropriate team. Telephone advice may be given if a home visit is not required.

3. Accompanied Transfer Home

Leaving the Hospice or hospital can be very daunting.  On discharge, a member of Woodlands Hospice at Home can if necessary accompany the patient to their home from the hospice or hospital and help the patient and their family through the first few hours at home.  It provides the opportunity for a health care professional to hand over the care of a patient to community staff involved in ongoing care.  It also helps to promote confidence that the family has support to help care for their loved one at home at an anxious time in their illness trajectory.


The G.P., CNS and District Nurse may access the Woodlands' doctor on-call for telephone advice at any time on 0151 529 8674

Review of individual Hospice at Home packages

These will be carried out on a weekly basis for every patient using the service following careful assessment and discussion with relevant health professionals, patient and family.

Referral to service

We accept referrals from GP’s, District Nurse or any other Health Care Professionals

The Woodlands Hospice at Home service is based at Woodlands Hospice. 

The office will be open from 9:00am - 5:00pm Monday to Friday

A Clinical Co-ordinator will be available on-call to take referrals at weekends from 9:00am - 5:00pm.

Any referrals can be made over the telephone on 0151 529 8672

Phone number for Woodlands Hospice at Home
0151 529 8672

Clinical Co-ordinators:
Dawn Porter and Tracey Taylor

Clinical Support Team:
0151 529 2637