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Advance care planning

Providing the right care and treatment to support you right now is a high priority for all care services here at Woodlands Hospice.

We also feel it is very important to support you and give you the opportunity to discuss your thoughts and feelings about your future care and treatment, if you wish to do so. Planning for future care and treatment is called Advance Care Planning (ACP).

What is involved in Advance Care Planning?

Advance Care Planning is a voluntary process of discussions between you and any of professionals caring for you, and may include family and friends if you want this. It may include thinking and talking about:

  • What care or treatment you might want, or not want to have.
  • How you would like to be cared for (your preferences and wishes).
  • Who you would like to be involved in any care planning discussions if you became unable to make decisions for yourself at any time.
  • Having your preferences and wishes written down in the form of an advance care plan.

Why should I do Advance Care Planning?

Talking about your future care and treatment should take place when it is right for you. If we offer you the opportunity to talk about this and you feel the time is not right then we will respect this. You can always speak to someone in the future when the time feels right for you.

However, if we know what your preferences and wishes are for your future care, and if you give us permission, we can make sure these are known to whoever is providing your care, wherever that might be.

What if I change my mind?

You are free to change your mind about Advance Care Planning at any time. You will always be involved in care and treatment decisions whilst you are able to. As part of your ongoing care professionals in the hospice and at home will check with you whether or not the information we hold is up to date and give you the opportunity to change anything or discuss any concerns.

Where can I find out more about Advance Care Planning?

Please speak to a member of your care team at Woodlands Hospice.