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Emotional support

Living with a serious illness can affect many aspects of your life including relationships when you may experience stresses and strains at home.

It may be helpful to talk about your feelings and discuss any concerns with someone who is not personally close to you, not emotionally involved.

A Family Support Worker can see patients, family members, carers, or those close to the patient.

There may be important things you want to say to people close to you, a Family Support Worker can help these conversations along.

Children & Young People

Children and Young People may also need help in understanding the illness and changes it has caused. At times they may have their questions, fears and worries. A Family Support Worker can advise you and support you or the Children and Young people during the illness and afterwards.


Carers have such a vital role and may need or benefit from an opportunity, to take time talk about what it is like to care for someone with a serious illness.

You can speak to a Family Support Worker:

  • On an individual level - face to face
  • On the telephone
  • With a friend, relative or carer
  • In a group

We welcome enquiries and respect your confi­den­ti­ality.