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Lottery terms and conditions

  1. The Woodlands Hospice Lottery is promoted and operated by Woodlands Hospice Limited. All profits are donated to Woodlands Hospice Charitable Trust-Registered Charity No.1048934.
  2. These Terms and Conditions are the Lottery Rules. By entering the Lottery, entrants agree to be bound by these rules. Each member should acquire and retain a copy of these Terms and Conditions for their reference, by visiting our website www.­wood­land­shos­pice.­org, calling the Lottery office on 0151 529 2308 or by sending a request with a stamped addressed envelope to Woodlands Hospice, Lottery Office, AUH Campus, Longmoor Lane, Liverpool L9 7LA.
  3. The Woodlands Hospice Lottery is licenced by Liverpool City Council, under the Gambling Act 2005, www.­gambli­ngcom­mis­sion.­gov.­uk.
  4. For the purpose of the Gambling Act 2005, this Lottery is defined as a ‘Society Lottery’.
  5. All Lottery subscriptions and tickets cost £1.00 each per week and are payable in advance. Such advance payments are held by Woodlands Hospice Lottery and are not protected in the event of insolvency. In the event of such insolvency, then advance payers will be treated in the same way as other creditors.
  6. Full payment for subscriptions and tickets must be received either in the form of cash or cleared funds before they can be entered into the Draw. Only when full payment has been received for subscriptions and tickets either in the form of cash or cleared funds are they eligible to win a prize.
  7. All Lottery entry sales are final and no refunds shall be made at any time.
  8. All entrants are solely responsible for providing Woodlands Hospice Lottery with their accurate and up-to-date contact details and Woodlands Hospice Lottery will be in no way liable for any failure or inability to contact any entrant due to any errors, omissions or inaccuracies in the contact details that the entrant has provided. In the event that the entrant changes their contact details, they will be solely responsible for advising Woodlands Hospice Lottery of the change.
  9. Customers MUST be 16 years of age or over and be resident in the United Kingdom.
  10. The regular payment facility can be by standing order or by cheque. Your written authority is required to set up a regular payment and this transaction record will be retained in line with auditing procedures.
  11. New members will be sent a unique randomly selected (by secure computer software) draw number which is also their personal membership number.
  12. Paid subscriptions will be entered into the weekly draw using a member’s unique draw number. The draw will normally take place each Friday at Woodlands Hospice. In the case of a Bank Holiday the draw will take place on the following working day.
  13. Members will not be entered into the draw if their subscription is not in credit by at least £1.00.
  14. There will be £750 in cash prizes every week. 1st prize £500, 2nd Prize £100, 2 prizes of £50 and 5 prizes of £10 each. Ad hoc Superdraw prizes may differ.
  15. Prize winners will be notified by post. Weekly draw details can be found on our website www.­wood­land­shos­pice.­org, our charity shop or by calling the Lottery Office on 0151 529 2308.
  16. Winning cheques not presented within 6 months will be treated as a donation and entered back into the Woodlands Hospice Funds.
  17. Ad hoc Superdraws may take place from time to time in place of the weekly draw and all members will be entered into that draw automatically if they have a credit of at least £1.00 on their membership on the date of the draw.
  18. Membership cancellation for those paying by door-to-door collectors can be carried out at anytime. Subscriptions paid for by monthly standing order or by cheque can be cancelledby notifying us in writing, by telephone or via e-mail woodlands.lottery@aintree.nhs.uk. Those received after 17.00 hours on a Wednesday will not be cancelled until the following week. If you pay by standing order you must also inform your bank.
  19. By taking part in the Lottery, you are consenting to Woodlands Hospice Lottery storing and processing personal details and any other information you have provided and to us contacting you in relation to your subscription, membership and/or tickets. We promise to comply with all Data Protection Act requirements to protect and securely store this information. We will not share this information with any third party other than necessary for the purposes of operating the Lottery.
  20. Woodlands Hospice Lottery shall not be liable to any member for any loss or damage suffered or arising from:-
    • Any delays or failures in the postal service or other delivery methods used by Woodlands Hospice Lottery or the member from time to time e.g. e-mail.
    • Any delays or failures in any software or other systems used by Woodlands Hospice Lottery for the administration of the Lottery
    • Any delays or failures in the Banking system used by Woodlands Hospice Lottery or the member
    • Any refusal by Woodlands Hospice Lottery to accept registration of an individual as a member or the cancellation of a member
    • Any failure to enter a chance into the draw
    • Any event beyond the reasonable control of Woodlands Hospice Lottery
  21. Woodlands Hospice Lottery is a member of The Hospice Lotteries Association, which on behalf of its members makes a financial contribution towards the Responsible Gambling Trust RGT, an organisation set up with the sole aim of promoting and encouraging responsible gambling The Hospice Lotteries Association website www.­hospi­cel­ot­te­ries.­org.­uk has a page dedicated to the RGT www.­respon­sib­le­gam­bli­ng­trust.­org.­uk and also GAMCARE www.­gamcare.­org.­uk the leading organisation that provides practical help to problem gamblers. Further support can be found on the Gamble Aware website www.­gambleaware.­co.­uk .
  22. Any requests to be self excluded, as defined in the Gambling Act 2005, from the Woodlands Hospice Lottery can either be received in writing/­telephone or requested via our website. Customers wishing to use this facility will not be able to rejoin the Lottery for a minimum of 6 months thereafter.
  23. Any complaints or disputes relating to the Lottery should be sent in writing to the Trading Manager, Woodlands Hospice, AUH Campus, Longmoor Lane, Liverpool L9 7LA, giving full details of the complaint and supporting documentation.
  24. In the event a complaint or dispute cannot be resolved then it will be referred to arbitration. As a member of the Hospice Lotteries Association this will be The Independent Betting Adjudication Service Ltd (IBAS).
  25. Any member has the right to access the information held about them. To obtain this information, please contact Woodlands Hospice Lottery in writing with a stamped addressed envelope to Woodlands Hospice, Lottery Office, AUH Campus, Longmoor Lane, Liverpool L9 7LA.
  26. Woodlands Hospice Lottery reserves the right to disqualify any member if it has reasonable grounds to believe the member has breached any of these rules.