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Comments and Compliments

New Comments and Compliments received by Woodlands Hospice - updated February 2017

“Thank you all for the kind and caring way in which you nursed mum when she was so ill. You are a truly amazing group of professionals.”

“Thank you for everything. Brilliant staff, you all do an amazing job.”

“A big thank you to everyone for all the care and support you gave to my husband in his final days and also to me, allowing me to stay in the family room and helping me to cope with life.”

“My nan has terminal cancer and going to woodlands has really helped her keep her sense of independence. She attends on Monday and Wednesday. A massive thank you to all of you and your staff for providing what is so greatly needed not only for nan but my family too.”

“A huge thank you to everybody who looked after our mum in the last few days. You all made her and our time there so comfortable and we will always appreciate the care you gave to us all.”

“Hospice at Home gave us peace of mind to enable us to get a night’s sleep.”

“Words can’t express our gratitude for the tender care you showed our mum during such a difficult time. It was a great comfort to us that her last days were spent with you. Your professionalism is an example to us all.”

“Thank you Hospice at Home for your input which allowed my husband to remain at home.”

“Thank you so much for all your care, you have been amazing.”

“Thanks for the support and information. Although brief it was beneficial and helped my son cope at a very difficult time.”

“It’s so calming, lovely place the Woodlands.”

“We can’t thank you enough. Every single one of you has gone above and beyond the call of duty.”

“Woodlands is a calm and peaceful environment from both outpatient and inpatient perspective and the patient loved being here. Feels that staff at Woodlands advocated and fought patient’s corner for his rights and wishes when he was not strong/well enough to do. The patient felt so well looked after whilst on WIPU which contributed to his peaceful death.”

“Thank you for the kindness and consideration shown to myself and my wife. She passed away peacefully at the hospice. The staff without exception showed her dignity and respect. I don’t know what I would have done without you.”

“Keep up the wonderful work you all do. Thank you for looking after xxx and their families in their ‘hour of need.”

“Thanks for being there for me, it’s helpful to have the support and share experiences with others.”

“My mum spent her last hours there, amazing place.”

“Thank you for all your wonderful care for my gorgeous wife and our wonderful mum whilst in your care.”

“A great charity, one my mum and dad always supported.”

“My son passed away at the hospice. Cant thank all the staff enough for the kindness you showed to him and the family.”

“Thanks for all your help and support over the last couple of months.”