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Comments and Compliments

New Comments and Compliments received by Woodlands Hospice - updated March 2017

“Thank you so much for all you do making sure every patient feels at home and for all the lovely food you cook.”

“Thank you for your support while mum was ill, nothing is too much for you. I appreciate everything you did for me and my family, I hope you realise how much us families need you.”

“Thank you for all the great work you do.”

“How lovely and comforting it was to be able to stay in the overnight room and be close to mum. Cannot speak highly enough of Woodlands.”

“Cannot speak highly enough of the Hospice albeit patient experienced some agitation during her time here due to being poorly.”

“My husband was supported by the Hospice at Home team. I could not fault the care, it was exceptional.”

“Beautiful place with beautiful and caring people, thank you for all your hard work and compassion for those families in their time of need. A special thank you for all you gave to my brother in his final days and the attention you gave to me.”

“She asked for Woodlands’ help as they were really struggling and she said we were a life line to them. It is like a 5 star hotel and raved about the care despite it not being easy at the end”

“My first visit was one I will cherish. Amazing staff and volunteers to the people who they care for. Smiles and laughter.”

“They took wonderful care of my mum right until the end.”

From the  painters’ forum: “All we did was paint a few corridors - you guys deal with the reality of the building day in day out. You guys were absolutely fantastic! Keep up the good work. I and several hundred of our members think you guys are nothing short of heroic.”

From the  painters’ forum: “We came from all over the country for what was a truly magnificent weekend. We had tears and laughter and made friends for life. The staff at Woodlands are amazing, thank you for having us”

“Thank you for all the love and care afforded her in the latter part of her life. Accept this cheque as a contribution to your wonderful work.”

“Thank you for your time this morning, we really enjoyed meeting you. The facility and environment you have created at Woodlands is truly wonderful and a credit to you all, staff and volunteers.”

“My grandfather received the kindest and most compassionate care at the end of his life and the lady who came on the night before he passed was the most wonderful tonic at one of the hardest times. A true credit to her profession.”

“Thank you, you have all been wonderful.”